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Welcome to the Irwin Yachts website.  This was created for the 6,000 plus Irwin owners around the world. 

Gene Gammon & Associates, Inc. produces this site to provide information to the many Irwin owners and to assist them by providing archived data, new information, update advice, location of replacement parts, and a way for Irwin owners to contact each other. 

Since the cessation of production by Irwin Yacht and Marine in 1991 support has relied mainly on word of mouth and assistance from supportive Irwin owners and a few old guard Irwin lovers. 

There are no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information found here as Irwin models have had many updates, changes and improvements during production and your boat may have been altered by previous owners since new.

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Cruising News Marine Links Ted Irwin

For Irwin Owners interested in Irwin Memorial Cup races:

Ted Irwin Memorial Fall Bay Race October
Ted Irwin Memorial Pusser's Rum Cup April

St. Petersburg Yacht Club
11 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701 USA

Contact Name: George or Beth Pennington
Phone: 727-580-5431 / 727-992-3344
Email: , , ,

Host Club Site:

Irwin Memorial Regatta Awards

Join the Irwin Memorial Cup Regatta

Irwin Memorial Cup Regatta Awards

Irwin Memorial Cup Regatta party
Irwin Memorial Cup

Irwin Memorial Cup Regatta Party

Irwin Memorial Cup

The author of this Irwin website is Gene Gammon. Years of working with Irwin Yacht & Marine, Ted Irwin, and the love of his work, led him to spend considerable time and effort to produce a source of information that would hopefully benefit the thousands of Irwin owners around the world. Gene Gammon became a source of Irwin information to original owners as well as subsequent owners, and with the popularity of the internet, Gene Gammon's name as a contact for information and data flourished.  As an effort to make data instantly available to all, he created the Irwin Yachts website that could answer all the basic questions and carry on the Irwin tradition. Read More >>>


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